Report: Ontario’s igaming market supports more jobs in its second year

In its second year, Ontario’s regulated competitive igaming market sustained almost 15,000 jobsi and added a combined $1.24 billion to federal, provincial and municipal government revenuesiI, according to Deloitte’s Economic Contributions of Ontario’s Regulated iGaming Market – Year 2 report

“Our made-in-Ontario igaming sector is being recognized internationally for its success as a leader in this space. Working together with our partners and industry, we will continue to drive innovation and deliver robust player protections, all while displacing the unregulated market,” said Attorney General Doug Downey. “Our igaming sector is not only a job creator here in Ontario but it shows the world our ongoing commitment to building a sustainable and responsible igaming industry.”

Full-time Equivalent Jobs

2022-23: Direct 1,803, Indirect 7,916, Induced 2,353, Total 12,072. 2023-24: Direct 2,675, Indirect 9,295, Induced 2,965, Total 14,935

Ontario's regulated competitive igaming market, not including igaming offered by OLG, sustained 2,800 more full-time equivalent jobsiii in its second year than its first, according to Deloitte.

The total government revenue generated through the regulated competitive igaming market passed $1.24 billion in the market’s second year, Deloitte’s report shows. Of that total, $790 million supported provincial government revenue, $75 million supported municipal government revenues, and $380 million supported federal government revenue.

“This report puts Ontario’s igaming market government revenue contribution at over $2 billion since it launched,” said Heidi Reinhart, iGaming Ontario’s Board Chair, “and with job contribution up by 24% from its first year, the benefits to Ontarians are significant.” 

Government Revenues

2022-23: Federal 238M, Provincial 469M, Municipal 54M, Total 761M. 2023-24: Federal 380M, Provincial 790M, Municipal 75M, Total 1,245M

Deloitte's more than $1.2 billion in government revenue estimate, which does not contemplate revenues from OLG's igaming offering, include taxesiv on products and production, such as HST, corporate and personal income taxes stimulated by Ontario's igaming industry and the 20% government share of the gaming revenue generated by iGaming Ontario operators.

“Through the development and growth of Ontario’s regulated igaming market, we’re helping achieve the government’s goals in terms of job creation, innovation and development, while providing a safer experience for consumers,” said Martha Otton, iGaming Ontario’s Executive Director.

Additional Year 2 Economic Contribution Highlights

  • The regulated igaming market contributed $2.7 billion to Ontario’s GDP in its second year of operation, up from $1.58 billion in its first year.
  • For every dollar spent by igaming operations, an estimated $1.40 of GDP was supported in the Ontario economy, up from $1.14 in Year 1. 
  • Ontario’s igaming market hit or has nearly reached many of Deloitte’s year-five projections in just its second year, with government revenues (94%), direct jobs sustained (120%), total full-time jobs sustained (92%), and GDP contributions (93%) outpacing initial expectations.

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Jobs are counted in terms of full-time equivalent (FTE) positions. FTEs are counted according to their duration – for example, two part-time employees are counted as one FTE if the total time they spent on the job adds up to the number of hours one full-time employee would work in one year.
ii The scope of this report includes the economic contribution of the igaming industry as conducted and managed by iGaming Ontario from April 4, 2023 to April 3, 2024. It does not contemplate any economic benefits associated with igaming offered by OLG. 
iii Direct jobs mean those contributed by regulated igaming operators, and indirect are jobs in Ontario contributed by suppliers. Together these amount to about 80% of the estimated job figures. The remainder, “induced,” are jobs supported by the spending of wages and salaries earned by employees of igaming operators and the employees of their suppliers.
Iv Federal taxes estimates include only federal taxes from the operation of igaming operators and their suppliers in Ontario.