What is Responsible Gambling?

Responsible gambling means participating in gambling activities without being at risk of experiencing harm or causing harm to others.

iGaming Ontario’s approach to responsible gambling is centered around enabling Operators to empower players to make informed choices about their play. Informed choice is about using the knowledge, information, and tools you have to make safe and healthy decisions about gambling. This includes things like learning how the games work, using time and money limit setting tools, or even making a decision to take a break from gambling.

The Importance of Responsible Gambling

What’s so important about responsible gambling anyway?

Responsible gambling, sometimes referred to as safer gambling, can mean everything from knowing how games work to knowing what to do and where to get help when gambling stops being fun. Responsible gambling protects players from harm by empowering them with information and tools to keep their play safe. Responsible gambling is preventative and can stop harm before it starts.

But that’s not all…safer gambling can also help you enjoy your playing experience more! Imagine spending more than you planned to because you didn’t know how to make a wager. Not very much fun, right? But if you learn how the games work, understand the odds of winning and have realistic expectations about winning, you might find that you’ll have a better time!

iGaming Ontario’s Role in Responsible Gambling

Wondering what iGO is doing to support safer gambling for internet gaming in Ontario?

iGaming Ontario is building a responsible gambling program that requires Operators to:

Successfully achieve and maintain responsible gambling accreditation through the Responsible Gambling Council’s RG Check program to ensure a high standard of responsible gambling programming


Run problem gambling prevention and responsible gambling campaigns with a goal of achieving a balance between responsible gambling advertising and promotional marketing


Participate in a future coordinated and centralized self-exclusion program that will allow players to take a break from all regulated internet gaming websites in Ontario


Share anonymized player data for the purpose of advancing problem and responsible gambling research

Operators will be required to meet all iGaming Ontario expectations in addition to fulfilling the responsible gambling requirements of Ontario’s gambling regulator, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) in the Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming.

As Ontario’s regulated igaming market expands, iGaming Ontario will learn more about the impacts of internet gaming and how gambling behaviours are changing over time.

iGaming Ontario has commissioned the Responsible Gambling Council to conduct a two-year research study on the prevalence of problem gambling in Ontario.

The research will examine:

  • The change in internet gaming and problem gambling over two years;
  • Key demographics of those who are most likely to be associated with problem gambling; and
  • Awareness of responsible gambling tools available in Ontario.

The findings of the research will help to inform the evolution of iGaming Ontario’s responsible gambling program and policies, enabling a safer and more responsible experience for players and allowing them to play with confidence.