Operator FAQs

Where do I start to become eligible to join the Ontario market?

The Operator Steps to Joining the Ontario Market provides an at-a-glance list of the 7 iGO-managed and 7 AGCO-managed steps that prospective Operators must take on their path to joining the Ontario market as well as contact information for support in each step. 

Does iGaming Ontario prescribe a required responsible gambling accreditation body?

iGaming Ontario requires Operators to obtain the Responsible Gambling Council’s RG Check accreditation within the first two years of the date of the Operating Agreement and maintain such accreditation for the remainder of their Operating Agreement Term.

Does iGaming Ontario manage a centralized player self-exclusion list for Operators?

Currently, iGaming Ontario does not manage a centralized and coordinated self-exclusion program to allow players to exclude themselves from all online Operator platforms. Such a system will be implemented at a later date.

Operators are required to have their own self-exclusion program that meets the requirements set out in the Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming.

Are operators required to establish their business in Canada?

No, there is no requirement that operators must have a business established in Canada.

Is French language a requirement for operator websites?

No, operator websites are not required to be offered in French.

Are operators required to use an Alternative Dispute Resolution provider for resolving disputes with their players?

No, iGaming Ontario does not require an operator to have a third-party Alternative Dispute Resolution provider at this time.

Is the display of American odds a requirement for sport or event wagering?

No, there is no requirement for operators to display American odds.

What are the various requirements regarding Ontario player residency, Ontario-based accounts, and playing online physically in the province?

A player’s residency status is not a factor in whether they can play  on websites offered by registered and authorized Operators. The requirement is that players must physically be in Ontario to play legally.

Regardless of the above, players can register and manage their account (e.g. deposit or withdraw funds) while physically outside of Ontario.

Can liquidity pools include play that occurs outside Ontario?

Any games involving liquidity pools outside of Ontario are prohibited at this time.

How big is the Ontario market for igaming?

For a better understanding of Ontario’s market size please refer to iGaming Ontario’s Quarterly Market Performance Reports.

How long does it take an Operator to become fully registered and authorized to enter the Ontario market?

All Operators circumstances are different but Operators should expect a minimum of 90 days to complete the steps required to become registered by the AGCO and execute an Operating Agreement with iGO.