Player FAQs

What igaming sites in Ontario are offered by fully regulated and approved Operators?
How will I know if an internet gaming website is offered by a regulated Operator in Ontario?

Every internet gaming website offered by a fully registered and approved Operator in Ontario will have iGO’s logo displayed. If you see this logo you know that the website operations are carefully monitored by iGO and regulated by AGCO, giving you the confidence that you’re playing on a secure website that offers a safer and more socially responsible experience.

How do I deposit money into my igaming account?

In general, Operators will allow you to deposit money via an online bank transfer, debit or credit card. However, Operators may have different types of payment that they will accept so it’s best to check with the Operator’s policies and terms of use.

Will I be charged a service fee from my financial institution for depositing money into an igaming account?

Every financial institution has different rules related to igaming transactions. Contact your financial institution and review their transactional policies and procedures, so you know what to expect.

What is a wagering requirement?

A wagering requirement, also known as a playthrough requirement, is a very common practice in iGaming that Operators use when issuing promotions or bonuses to players. What this means is that players must wager the bonus amount multiple times before being able to collect winnings from using the bonus funds.

For example, an Operator that offers a $10 bonus with a 10x wagering requirement would require you to wager $100 ($10x10WR=100) before being eligible to withdraw any winnings from using that $10 bonus.

It’s always important to read and understand all the details of a promotion or bonus before agreeing to it.

What types of safer gambling tools are available to players?

Every regulated gaming site in Ontario has its own unique tools and customizations that must meet the AGCO Registrar's Standards for Internet Gaming.

At a minimum, Operators must provide spend-limit and time-limit setting tools and the ability to take a short-term break or to self-exclude for a longer term.

Check out iGaming 101 for more information.

What is self-exclusion?

Self-exclusion is a voluntary program that players can enroll in to take a break from internet gaming. Every regulated internet gaming Operator in Ontario offers its own self-exclusion program and details about their program can be found on each Operator's website. iGO is working to develop a centralized self-exclusion program that will allow players to register for self-exclusion from all regulated websites in Ontario.

What is RG Check?

RG Check is the responsible gambling accreditation program administered by the Responsible Gambling Council that assesses Operator’s responsible gambling policies and programming to ensure a high degree of player safeguards are in place.

How old do you have to be to participate internet gaming in Ontario?

You must be 19 years of age or older to participate in all internet gaming products conducted and managed by iGaming Ontario.

What can I do if I have concerns about my gambling or someone else’s?

If you're concerned about your gambling or the gambling of someone you know and would like to talk to someone to learn about options that can help, visit the Find Help page for resources that can help.

Are internet gaming companies allowed to advertise in Ontario?

Yes, internet gaming companies are allowed to advertise their services in Ontario.

For more information about advertising in Canada you may wish to visit these resources:

What if I have a problem on an internet gaming website, like withdrawing my money or disputing a promotion?

If you’re having a problem with an internet gaming website, we encourage you to work directly with the company that runs the website to resolve your concerns. Go to our player support page for assistance.

What should I do if I’m getting unwanted email or advertising from an internet gaming website?

Like any unwanted email or advertising we suggest working with the sender to unsubscribe from their distribution lists. You can also try blocking the sender using the features of your email service provider.

Can I open a new account or access my existing account when I'm outside of Ontario?

Yes, players can open a new account and/or access an existing account with a regulated Operator when they are not physically located in Ontario. However, players cannot place wagers on any of those accounts while not physically located in Ontario.

What happens when an Operator whose sites I play on decides to cease operating in Ontario?

When an operator decides to leave the Ontario igaming market, the Operator follows the established process as outlined in their operator agreement. As part of that process, the Operator will contact players to provide an update and outline what actions, if any, are required.

The igaming sites I used to play on are no longer available. What do I do if I still have questions related to my account?

Review the list of current regulated operators and associated gaming sites. If a gaming site or Operator used to be included, but is no longer listed, they have most likely ceased operations in Ontario. In advance of leaving the Ontario iGaming Marketplace, Operators will contact players to provide an update and outline what actions, if any, are required by the player. If you have questions regarding an Operator who has already left the Ontario market, go to our player support page for assistance.