iGaming Ontario’s Complaints/Disputes Service Standards


iGaming Ontario (iGO) has developed the following process to administrate complaints/disputes from the public to ensure they are responded to in a transparent and fair manner.

What types of complaints/disputes are covered?

These service standards apply to all complaints/disputes from members of the public regarding:

  1. Disagreement with a specific gambling business (Operator) website about the result of a gambling transaction or about the service received from them where the issue was first raised with the Operator through their complaints/customer service process as outlined in the operator’s terms and conditions for the site, and:
    1. Not responded to by the Operator in a timely manner (within 90 days of being made aware of a player dispute), or
    2. The Operator’s response to the issue was not to the complainant’s satisfaction
  2. General complaint about igaming and its regulation in Ontario

iGO will respond to your complaint/dispute and make every effort to resolve it and to explain the reasons for the decision reached. Please note that this process does not affect your right to raise your concerns with the Ombudsman of Ontario if you are dissatisfied with the results provided by iGO.

iGO Commitments


All complaints covered under these service standards will have their receipt acknowledged within 1 business day. If any further action is necessary, iGO will advise how long it will take to receive a further response.


All complaints/disputes are kept confidential within the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. However, an internet gaming Operator who is the subject of a complaint/dispute must be advised in order for the complaint/dispute to be fully and fairly reviewed.

Reporting Back

If the issue cannot be resolved right away, the complainant will be informed as soon as the matter has been reviewed. In most cases, all concerned parties will be advised of the outcome of the review.

Note: If you have any questions regarding the Complaints/Disputes Service Standards, please submit an inquiry through @email or contact iGO Customer Service at (416) 326-8283 or 1-833-55-iGame / 1-833-554-4263 (toll free).