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iGaming Ontario and the AGCO's roles in Ontario's igaming market

Private gaming operators must successfully register with the AGCO and execute an operating agreement with iGO before they may begin offering their games to players in Ontario. The AGCO is the regulator for the province while iGaming Ontario is the conduct and manage entity. iGaming Ontario is a subsidiary of AGCO.

Here's a closer look at the roles and responsibilities of each organization:

iGaming Ontario: About

Established in July 2021 as a lottery subsidiary corporation of the AGCO. iGaming Ontario is responsible for conducting and managing igaming when provided through private Operators.

AGCO: About

Ontario provincial regulatory agency established in February 1998. Regulator of Ontario’s regulated igaming market.

iGaming Ontario: Governed by

iGaming Ontario Board of Directors, overseen by the AGCO Board of Directors and reporting to the Attorney General of Ontario.

AGCO: Governed by

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) Board of Directors, reporting to the Attorney General of Ontario.

iGaming Ontario: Mandate

To conduct and manage igaming in Ontario provided through private igaming Operators.
* iGaming Ontario does not conduct or manage OLG's igaming offering through OLG.ca, which is conducted and managed through the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG).

AGCO: Mandate

To regulate the alcohol, gaming, horse racing and private cannabis retail sectors in accordance with the principles of honesty and integrity, and in the public interest.

iGaming Ontario: Role in Ontario's regulated igaming market

  • Conduct and manage internet gaming offerings through private gaming Operators in Ontario, in accordance with the Criminal Code (Canada), the Gaming Control Act, and the Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming.
  • Fulfill conduct and manage duties through the development, execution and oversight of Operating Agreements with private igaming Operators, as well as the required policies, programs and procedures that balance key government objectives such as consumer protection, reduction of red tape and revenue generation.

AGCO: Role in Ontario's regulated igaming market

  • Administer the Gaming Control Act, 1992 (GCA) and Regulation 78/12.
  • Establish and uphold standards and requirements (the Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming) applicable to OLG with respect to its internet gaming site, to iGaming Ontario with respect to its activities, and to all registered igaming Operators and suppliers.

iGaming Ontario: Key activities

  • Execute Operating Agreements with private igaming Operators, once they have been registered by the AGCO, and oversee contract obligations for provision of their services in Ontario’s regulated igaming scheme.
  • Implement and oversee reconciliation of igaming revenues on behalf of the province.
  • Provide market insights and facilitate Operator integration into the new market.
  • Implement responsible gambling requirements for Operators.
  • Develop and oversee iGaming Ontario’s anti-money laundering program and policies.
  • Establish a dispute resolution process to respond to customer concerns.

AGCO: Key activities

  • Develop regulatory standards (Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming).
  • Determine eligibility and register igaming Operators and gaming-related suppliers to ensure the integrity of sector participants.
  • Register independent testing labs (ITLs) that test and certify that igaming technology meets the required Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming.
  • Monitor igaming Operators, suppliers and digital game offerings for compliance with regulatory obligations, including the Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming.
  • Where compliance concerns are identified, bring Operators and suppliers back into compliance through the use of progressive sanctions, including warnings, suspensions, monetary penalties, and in the most serious of cases, revocations.
  • Work with igaming Operators and suppliers to increase their understanding of regulatory obligations and to improve overall compliance.
  • Address regulatory complaints and inquiries, including those related to game integrity and fairness, misuse of private information, responsible gambling violations, and money laundering.

iGaming Ontario: Primary focus

Market management and contractual oversight
  • Build a leading igaming market in Ontario to help protect consumers and provide more choice and opportunities while creating a level playing field for new businesses.
  • Ensure that government obligations regarding revenue and financial reporting are met.
  • Ensure all igaming sites operating in Ontario’s regulated igaming scheme have strong player protections and responsible gambling requirements.
  • Oversee a rigorous anti-money laundering program.

AGCO: Primary focus

Regulatory outcomes that protect the public
  • Responsible Gambling — Ensuring Responsible Gambling is embedded in Operators' culture and players have the tools and supports to gamble responsibly, including the option for self-exclusion
  • Game Integrity — Ensuring games operate as designed and are fair to players
  • Preventing infiltration of crime (including money laundering) — Ensuring criminal elements and activities are deterred and detected
  • Preventing access to minors — Ensuring underage individuals are restricted from gambling
  • Protection and security of personal information — Ensuring personal information is kept private