What Sites Are Regulated For Play In Ontario?

Use this directory of all igaming sites offered by regulated Operators contracted by iGaming Ontario*.

Number of Operators: 50        Number of Gaming Websites: 81

19+. Must be physically located in Ontario to play. To find info about access to an account from outside of Ontario, please see the FAQ Can I open a new account or access my existing account when I’m outside of Ontario?

*OLG.ca is operated legally under the conduct and management of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. For more information, see How iGaming Ontario is Different from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG).
*The listing is accurate as of 2024-07-11. It is updated every time a new category by a regulated and authorized operator is made available.

This listing is accurate as of today. It is updated every time a new site offered by a regulated and authorized Operator is made available.

What is a Regulated iGaming Market?

A regulated igaming market means that the provincial government has instituted rules to determine what organizations may operate legally, similar to industries like alcohol and cannabis. In Ontario, being a fully registered and authorized Operator in the igaming market means the organization has successfully received a registration by the AGCO and, with the exception of OLG.ca, has executed an operating agreement with iGO. To complete these steps, these organizations will have met rigorous standards of game integrity, fairness, player protections and social responsibility. Their sites will have controls preventing underage access and measures to enable more responsible gambling. They have entered legal agreements ensuring compliance with applicable laws, including anti-money laundering.

Why play on sites offered by regulated Operators?

  • Your deposits are protected

  • Your winnings are paid out

  • Your personal information and data are secure

  • Game play has fair competitive odds

  • You have access to responsible gambling resources to keep your experience fun

  • You know there is a legal business behind the site

What's the harm in playing on a site offered by an unregulated Operator?

  • No guarantee that deposits are securely stored

  • Payouts could be delayed or not given at all

  • Personal information could be exposed to third-parties or the public without your consent

  • Operators have no accountability to regulators so they might stack the odds against players

  • Limited responsible gambling resources, fueling unsafe behaviour.

  • Sites could be operated by illegal entities